Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Figuring out five

These days, it seems like most of my recent posts focus on Little T, my rambunctious five-year-old.  Not only is he not following directions, he also is becoming defiant and disrespectful--especially toward me.  Nothing I say or do fazes him.  Despite being consistent with rules and consequences, T regularly shouts at me, talks back and (I'm embarrassed to admit) spits at me.  After paying close attention to these situations, I've observed that they mainly occur when we are home.  As soon as we are out of our condo, T flips a switch to a sunnier disposition. 

I found an article about defiance on Baby Center that helped me to better understand the feelings Little T may be experiencing at his age.  And although I hate to admit it, I probably contribute to the problem by not always responding to T calmly or positively.  (Note to self:  must practice patience!)  I guess T and I both have some work to do.

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