Tuesday, June 4, 2013

In a minute...

Patience is a virtue, or so the saying goes.  This is something all children (especially mine) need to learn.  Each day, my most common response to requests from Little T and Little L tends to be "in a minute."  For instance, I use this phrase in reply to requests and demands such as:

-"Help me get dressed."
-"Can I have a treat?"
-"I want a snack." (usually emphasized with a whine)
-"Look what L is doing!"
-"Can you color with me?"
-"Come here!"
-"I need you now!"

In fact, I'm so used to the "in a minute" phrase that I often use it in cases when it's not even an appropriate response.  These instances include tattling examples like:

-"T hit me."
-"L hit me."
-"She took my toy!"

And the one word in which I most regularly utter the "in a minute" phrase as a response is:


Whatever the case may be, it's clear "in a minute" is used too frequently in our house.  I need to work on finding better replies to requests, demands and tattling.  An article I found online in the Parent Society offers several suggestions that might work for children who are a bit older than mine (8-10 years old).  However, one tip seems like it could be good:  give children a shoe box and tell them to bring it back in a hour as something other than a shoe box.  I'll try to remember this suggestion the next time I'm in the bathroom and hear, "Mom, I need you!"

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